Alan case - wide awake - Prophecy - The Last Days of Tolemac by Alan Colston

As the birth of his first child approaches, Berliner realizes he must change his sleep patterns and alter his existence as a perennial night owl, and his search for help is chronicled in the film. Recognizing he will spend years on a project, he wants to satisfy two criteria: fascination and a need--almost a compulsion--to create. "There has to be something about it I need to do, some itch that needs to be scratched, some problem better understood, some journey to go on that I'm willing to take this dive off the cliff," he explains.

Alan meanwhile found himself with the strange chore of having to masturbate six times a day, rain or shine. He set himself a schedule, and followed it for the next six days. He managed to keep his masturbation sessions completely private and no one said anything, to his great relief.

Alan Case - Wide AwakeAlan Case - Wide AwakeAlan Case - Wide AwakeAlan Case - Wide Awake