Sadao watanabe - rendezvous - Sadao Watanabe | Sacred Art Pilgrim Collection: Artists.

    The Verne Collection is proud to present many rare prints from Daniel Kelly that have not been on the market for 10 to 35 years. This rare collection of prints and paintings came directly from ...

This exhibit juxtaposes biblical art with text in creative ways, combining bibles from Archives & Special Collections with a selection of washi prints by Sadao Watanabe. Using illustrations by contemporary biblical artists, this exhibit invites you to reconsider biblical texts as theological artifacts. Just as Jesus is the Word made flesh, every copy of the Bible is the Word made paper, leather, vellum, glue, and ink. Every printing of the Bible is an interpretation of the text, an exercise in the incarnation of Scripture. More than just a display of rare books, we invite you to treat this exhibit as itself a biblical interpretation.

Sadao Watanabe - RendezvousSadao Watanabe - RendezvousSadao Watanabe - RendezvousSadao Watanabe - Rendezvous