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RAZ: Well, David, the show is about what it takes to start with an idea and build it into a business, you know, more or less, from nothing. And over the next year, we're going to be speaking with incredibly successful entrepreneurs, like the woman we're about to meet, Cathy Hughes.

Murillo beamed as she addressed a cheering crowd of supporters at Casa Blanca Tuesday night. “It’s such an honor to stand here as your next mayor of Santa Barbara,” she said. “It’s such an honor to win the trust of the public as well. They had a lot of choices, and we went door to door and said to them, ‘I care about your family. I care about your neighborhood. I care about your prosperity.’ I meant it when I said I would work to create jobs and housing opportunities for the people and the young people.”

Cathy Young - Travel StainedCathy Young - Travel StainedCathy Young - Travel StainedCathy Young - Travel Stained